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Supplier Direct Manual
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Electronic Commerce

Supplier Code of Conduct
Packaging Requirements
Transportation Routing Guide
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Electronic Commerce Information
Electronic Commerce Content

  Electronic Commerce documents are offered in Adobe Acrobat pdf format. Please click on the appropriate link to download the pdf file. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, you may download it free-of-charge here.


New Supplier Information

eCommerce Options
eCommerce Options

H-DSN Order Management
Basic Order Management User Guide
Visibility User Guide
ASN User Guide
Manual ASN

Sterling Web Forms
Register for Sterling Web Forms
View and Acknowledge Planning Schedules and Orders
Create ASN

EDI Standards
856 Sequenced JIT
866 Sequenced JIT
866 Kanban JIT 997

DHL-Transportation Management System(TMS)
Demonstration Transport Order Portal
DHL TOP Portal User Guide
DHL TOP Portal User Guide Video-Chinese
DHL TOP Portal User Guide (Chinese Translation)
DHL TOP Portal User Guide Video-Thailand
DHL TOP Portal User Guide (Thailand translation)
EDI 940-Ready to Ship(RTS)
EDI 204-Routing Instructions

EDI Implementation Guides
Appendix A-Schedule Issuer/Ship To Location Codes  
Amendment to Appendix A for new 1001SYC2 code  
Appendix B-Packing Codes List  
Appendix C-Standard Carrier Alpha Codes  
Appendix D-Unit of Measure Codes
EDI Requirements by Location Business
Testing/Production EDI ID and Qualifier

Bar Coding
LINK to Edibar's Web Print
Bar Coding Requirements
Shipping Scenario and Label Requirements
Disaster Recovery Plan
Multiple Part Label Specification
Sequenced Part Label Specification
York Brazil CKD Label Requirements

Electronic Commerce Information

Electronic Commerce Tips
Common PA Fatal ASN Errors
Create Single ASN for Multiple Ship Notices on Web Forms
Export Ship Schedules from WebForms into other Systems
Freight Carrier Code Now Part of the Ship Schedule
Supplier EDI Contingency Plans on H-DSN
Five Powertrain Plants Share the Same Eight Ship To Locations
Order Management - Manual ASN
New Supplier ID Impacts EDI Order Management and H-DSN
SPS Contact: Setting Up the Category Correctly in H-DSN

ASN Information/Troubleshooting
ASN Errors Troubleshooting Guide
Container Total Error
Fatal Errors - General Information

EDI Contingency Plan for Manufacturing Suppliers
Planning Schedule / Planned Visibility / EDI 830 (830-SU)
Ship Schedules / Firms Orders / EDI 862 (862-SU)

EDI Contingency Plan for General Merchandise (GM) and Parts & Accessories (P&A) Suppliers
Purchase Orders / Firm Orders / EDI 850(850-SU)

EDI Contingency Plan for Supplier Direct Suppliers
Picklists / Ship Schedules / Firm Orders / EDI 862 (862-SD)

EDI Contingency Plan for H-D Purchasing
Planning Schedule (830-HD)
P&A Purchase Orders (850-HD)
Ship Schedules (862-HD)
Kansas City Ship Schedules (862-KC)

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