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Doing Business
with Harley-Davidson

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  Doing Business With Harley-Davidson

The "Doing Business with Harley Davidson" document is offered in Adobe Acrobat pdf format. Please click on the appropriate section to download the pdf file. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, you may download it free-of-charge here.

Foundational Information
- Introduction
- Company History and Background
- Harley-Davidson Purchasing
- Supplier Diversity Policy
- Corporate Identity Guideline

Development Process Information
- Supplier Contact Information - Master Supply Agreement - New Parts Cage (NPC) Label Memo - New Parts Cage (NPC) Label Order Form - Request For Proposal

H-D Thailand
H-D Thailand Supplier Shipment Training Module
H-D Thailand Supplier Shipping Checklist
H-D Thailand Shipper Letter of Instruction
US Supplier Commercial Invoice Template
Non-US Supplier Commercial Invoice Template
Order Management - Commercial Invoice User Guide

Quality Systems Information
- Supplier Quality Manual
- Supplier Quality FAQ 
Supplier System Evaluation
Harley-Davidson PPAP Forms (Microsoft Excel Workbook)
- Guidelines for Successful PPAP Submissions
- PPAP Review Form
- Cosmetic Requirements Revised 2/11/2011
Preventative/Corrective Action
- Continuous Improvement
- Harley-Davidson Statement on Conflict Minerals

Operations Process Information
- Bar Coding Requirements - eCommerce Options - Guidelines to Minimize Mislabeling Occurrences - Material Forecasting and Replenishment - PO Pack List Job Aid - Sequenced and Kitted Container Requirements - Shipping Requirements - Powertrain Operations Material Routing Notice

Invoice Processing Information
- Supplier Letter
- Supplier How To
- Supplier Instructional Guide
- PO Invoices - Process Changes FAQs
- PO Supplier Invoice - Job Aid
- PO Supplier Invoice - Checklist
- Freight and Surcharge Invoice - Job Aid
- Non PO Invoice - Process Changes FAQs
- Non PO Supplier Invoice - Job Aid
- Non PO Supplier Invoice - Checklist

Long-Term Planning Information
- Capacity Management
- Tooling Management

Miscellaneous Information
- Harley-Davidson Acronyms
- Other Information Sources

Contractor Onboarding - Forms
All employees must complete and sign the following forms:
- Contractor Confidentiality Agreement
- On-Site Confidentiality Acknowledgement

Supplier Code of Conduct
- English Supplier Code of Conduct
- Chinese Supplier Code of Conduct
- French Supplier Code of Conduct
- Italian Supplier Code of Conduct
- Japanese Supplier Code of Conduct
- Spanish EU Supplier Code of Conduct
- Spanish LA Supplier Code of Conduct
- German Supplier Code of Conduct
- Portuguese Supplier Code of Conduct

Contractor On-boarding - Environmental, Health, Safety & Security
- Work Instructions and Checklist
- Standardized Contractor Safety Pre-Qualification Form
- Contractors Rules and Practices
- Contractor Safety Video

Contractor Environmental, Safety and Security Presentations and Site-specific

- York
- Pilgrim Road
- Tomahawk
- Product Development Center Safety
- Product Development Center-Environmental
- Juneau Avenue
- H-D Museum

Waste Disposal Work Instructions
- York
- Training Tracking Form

Tomahawk Contractor Certification Document

- Tomahawk Contractor Certification Document

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